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Rhythm of the Sun MASSAGES


Chair massage is a special type of treatment which is performed in an ergonomically designed chair which allows a completely relaxed antigravity position.


This treatment is designed to reduce tensions in the back, shoulders, hands, neck and head area.


This form of treatment is a simple, practical and accessible option which doesn`t require much space and time, or taking the clothes off, therefore it can be done in a private, but also in a public and working space.


A massage in the chair is a treatment completely adjusted to the client’s needs, free of additional costs and discomfort, timely and financially acceptable and most importantly – it gives great results.

A massage in the chair is a massage for every occasion!

Treatment description:
  • 15 – 40 minutes in duration

  • anti-stress effect

  • over-the-clothes contact

  • individual approach to each client

  • takes place at a client-chosen location

  • no commute and wasting time

  • affordable prices

  • immediate results



This treatment is recommended especially to those who spend their working hours sitting in front of a computer. Overstressing of the muscles of shoulders, back and neck leads to tension, pain, fatigue and lower performance.


It is in the common interest of the employer and the employee to create a stress prevention program in the working place.


A chair massage is a fast, effective way to relieve tensions and to increase productivity in a short time. An office massage will help relieve tension, while instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment.


It can also be viewed as motivation or a reward for a job well done.




This form of massage can easily be performed in public spaces, such as shopping centers, parks, airports, hotels or in different types of public events, celebrations, cultural and sport events.





This rapid anti-stress treatment will allow you to get a break from your daily routine and allow for some me time.

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