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Rhythm of the Sun MASSAGES


Sound massage is not a classic massage, but rather a relaxation method.

While the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls are placed on the dressed body and gently sounded, they produce relaxing sound vibrations that are transmitted to the body. This transmission of sound vibrations is possible because 70% of our body is composed of fluids. The physical vibrations are transmitted through the skin, body tissues, organs and bones throughout the body, bringing a harmonizing frequency into their cells.


Although sound massage is a unique experience, different profiles of people perceive it as an extremely pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Unique experience of Peter Hess® Sound Massage provides a deep state of relaxation - it releases tension and blockage, both physical and mental. The harmonic sounds calm the mind and the vibrations gently stimulate the body.

The treatment is performed on a massage table or on a comfortable, soft mat.

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