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Rhythm of the Sun MASSAGES


This type of treatment is primarily designed to relieve you of physical and psychological tensions.

It has many positive effects on the body and the mind. It stimulates circulation, relieves pain, reduces muscle tension, relaxes you and reduces stress.


It is performed on a comfortable massage table, with carefully selected essential oils of proven quality.

Back Massage



This full body massage is preformed using light to medium pressure to evoke a pleasant relaxed state.

Sports-medical massage


This intense form of massage is a great choice for all dynamic individuals who have a higher tolerance to pain, and want a more active and more focused approach to the body.


The primary function of this treatment is to relieve and prevent injuries in professional athletes, but everyone can gain physiological and psychological benefits from receiving a sports-medical massage.


Partial massage


Partial massage refers to a specific body part: legs, feet, the back, arms, neck, head…

It is focused on a client’s specific problems and needs.

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